Did you know: The shortest sentence in the English language is GO?


A very simple word. Everyone knows the meaning and what to do when they here or see the word “go”.

So why as adults do we often feel stuck in our lives and afraid to move forward? Why do we let fear overcome us keeping us from becoming the people we want to be? Why do we let anxiety, worry, guilt, unworthiness, sadness and uncertainty keep us from living the lives we want to live? Can we get unstuck, put aside the fear and all of the other limiting beliefs society has taught us by using a simple 2-letter word? Go.

I believe we can if we change our mindset to stop overthinking and keep it simple. Go. If we challenge ourselves to say “GO” every time we are in that negative space or in that uncomfortable zone we are giving ourselves an action that must be done. Go. As children we were taught very quickly that when our parents gave us the command (not a suggestion) to “GO”… we went! It doesn’t have to be any different as adults. But there is one difference. As adults we have to not only give the command, but then we must take action.

You see, as children we are taught to obey and listen. When given a command or directive from our parents we usually acted appropriately and timely carrying out what was asked of us. And if we did not, there were consequences.

As adults there are still consequences, but unfortunately there is more at stake than a time our from an afternoon with our friends. We are in charge of our own destiny and we must create the opportunities for ourselves. We must be responsible and give ourselves the command “GO” and then be fearless and take action. And this my friends is where the problem lies isn’t it? We can easily tell ourselves to “GO” but how often do we take action? More often than not we choose not to do anything different because we are afraid, anxious, guilty, sad, stuck, etc.

How many times have you told yourself before going to bed…tomorrow is another day and I will do __________. We all do it! But what happens when tomorrow comes? There is always another tomorrow right?

Let’s stop the hamster wheel today. No more excuses. No more self doubt. No more fear. GO!


Here are a few tips on how to take action even when you are reluctant to do so:

  1. Don’t overthink it!

The longer you take to decide to take action the harder it will be. Trust me when I say we have all learned this lesson already. Most things you are overthinking are not really worth the extra time you are giving them to talk yourself out of them. Make the decision to think less and act more. Go.

  1. Write it down!

Did you know that you are more likely to accomplish the things you write down? Use a journal or a notebook and write down what it is that you want to do. Then do it. It really is that simple. I highlight all of the things in my planner that I get done. That way I can look back on them and feel accomplished. When you write it down and you can see the progress you have made it motivates you to want to do more. Go.

  1. Tell somebody your plan of action!

By telling someone what you plan to do, you are giving yourself an accountability partner. It is much harder to not do the thing you want to do when someone knows you are supposed to do it. Businesses use this model all the time. Leaders hold 1×1’s with their teams or employees and usually plan for the upcoming week/month/quarter. Goals are set and action is taken. The same principle applies here. Do you think that the employees do every item without hesitation? No way! But they are accountable for their actions and therefore get it done. Go.

I hope the next time you are procrastinating or overthinking something you want to do you will simply tell yourself “GO”. You will accomplish so much more and start living your life deliberately and purposive. After all, isn’t that the real goal?

Now …. GO!

Please share this if you know someone who could use this encouragement today.



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