Mindset: Why do we care what people think?

I recently participated in challenge where I had to write down a list of limiting beliefs or in other words a list of things holding me back. As I was writing this list, one of the limiting beliefs that kept showing up was worrying about what other people think. I found myself writing things like “people won’t think I’m good enough” and “people won’t think I’m pretty enough”. Our assignment was to destroy them (which I gladly did!!), but before I took that step of faith, I also did something I wasn’t supposed to do…I kept a list!! Yep, that was a big no-no, but I did it anyway and here’s why:

  1. I believe that words are powerful!!

So powerful in fact that once I had written them down I was scared to just destroy them. My mind wanted to let go, but I knew I had to “fix” the words before in my mind or I wasn’t going to let them go.

  1. Fix them I did!!

I rewrote every word on that list!! I rephrased ever idea I had written down to be positive and my truth rather than have all the negativity rolling around my head. For example, “people won’t think I’m good enough” became “I am more than good enough for all those I inspire and work with”. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are exactly what we want to be.

  1. Then what??

After I rewrote all of the “corrections” to my limiting beliefs I crossed out the originals with a black sharpie so they could not be seen. Now I have a complete list of all the wonderful, positive attributes and qualities that I can revisit anytime I need a pick me up.


Now if this sounds a little crazy to you, maybe it is. But I bet you often have those thoughts too even if you don’t want to admit it. We tend to believe what other people tell us (all the negative crap) instead of all the good that we know in our heart. Why do we do that? We have been conditioned or programmed if you will to accept what others tell us with resolve instead of tenacity. What?? It’s easier to back down and agree than it is to stand up and believe in ourselves. Are you with me on this?

So how do we change that pattern? How do we find the strength to continue to believe with our heart when our mind is fighting against us? I’m glad you asked…we change our mind. Yep, it is that simple. We literally change our mind. Now some would argue that women as a whole are very good at that so this should be a piece of cake. But we know that’s not the case. But it can be done.

First things first, and this is the most important part…you have to want to change your mind because you have to believe what you are going to be telling it!! If you don’t believe it then guess what, your mind won’t believe it either. Start out simple if that helps. Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself one good thing that you want to believe about yourself. Maybe it’s that you are worthy or fearless. Maybe you struggling to make a change in your life and you need the validation that you can do it. Whatever it is, make it a priority every morning to say it at least 10 times and mean it!! And then remind yourself throughout the day. Before you go to bed, make it the last thoughts your mind is listening to. Once you master this practice, your mindset will shift and you will begin to feel the difference and move on to changing your mindset about other things too. You’ve got this. Stop worrying what other people think!! Start worrying about what you think!!

Please share this if you know someone who could use this encouragement today.








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