Chalk Talk w/ Teri

What is Chalk Couture?

Chalk Couture is a company that specializes in home decor using chalk and ink. The company was founded by Tara Roark, CEO and launched in July 2017.  A mother of four  in college, Tara was traveling around to expo’s trying to sell her crafts she made, and all along everyone was interested in the chalkboard she made to list her prices! Today, Chalk Couture is a ground floor opportunity for anyone interested in owning their own business!

Why did I get started?

As a creative mindset coach, I found myself pouring more of myself into my clients and work-related projects than I was into myself. Even I know that eventually this unbalanced lifestyle will explode. So I started searching for a new, fun and creative skill to learn. Chalk Couture literally fell in my lap!! I wasn’t looking to start another business. I wasn’t looking to build another team. I wasn’t looking to love something new. But I found all of this and more with Chalk Couture!!

Like what you see? Want more information?

I am happy to share project ideas and more with you!! That is part of the fun of being creative…the sharing process! I have several ways you can learn more, share your ideas or just hang out with a group of creatively inspired individuals.

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