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I’m Teri Brauer. I am an extremely passionate creative mindset coach. I thrive when I’m helping other women find their purpose and take control of their lives. I’m dedicated to teaching women the things I have learned along the way in my own personal journey in order to help them in their journey.

I wear many hats in my day to day life just like you. I’m the mother of an amazing grown son. The daughter of very strong-willed and entrepreneurial parents. Add in my roles as sister, aunt and friend and my plate is full. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love living life to the fullest! I love spending time with my family and my dogs above all. I enjoy traveling and can pack a bag in a minute’s notice. I have been known to be drawn into a book for hours or lost in my current craft project. I enjoy cooking and baking (sometimes) and sitting down to share those meals with those closest to me. I believe that women can have and do it all!

I have multiple interests and hobbies just like you and I want to share them with other like-minded women who will do the same. I have made the commitment to myself and my high vibe tribe to show up every single day this year! 365 days is a long time and I would love for you to come along on this journey with me. Some days you may find deep insightful journal prompts to help you with clarity and purpose, tips and tricks for getting unstuck or even recipes for the best homemade gingerbread coffee … ever.

I believe we all have something to contribute to this great big world. If you are ready to explore the possibilities, check out some of the ways you can become part of my INTENTIONality Tribe.

Believe in yourself, help others & always trust the journey!

Teri Brauer