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How it all began…

I’ve always loved to journal. Although back in the day we referred to it as simply “writing”. I have used a journal for everything from personal diaries starting in elementary school through high school (oh the secrets they held), travel journals during my cruise ship days (what fun they were to do) to currently a journal for inspiration, clarity and insight pertaining to my business.

Recently I have re-discovered my passion for the journal process while helping others to reconnect with their best self! Not only is it a great use of your free time, it is purposeful by helping to relieve stress and anxiety that comes from normal everyday life. The process of sitting quietly and writing your thoughts and feelings and even pouring your heart and soul into the pages is very therapeutic. But sometimes it’s hard! Sometimes you just don’t know where to start!

I have been sharing journal prompt ideas with my clients and not only are they feeling great, they are making lasting changes in their lives and enjoying a more positive mindset. The themed journal prompts are meant to give insightful tips into the place in your mind where you are happiest. There are no right or wrong answers. My clients are being their authentic selves … and loving it!

We hope to meet you in The INTENTIONality Café!