Gratitude: Each and every day!

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001?

Do you remember the vivid video and pictures from that day?

Do you remember praying for lives of people you didn’t even know?

The September 11 attacks were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks against the Unites States. I remember exactly where I was that morning. I remember the abundance of mixed emotions that ran through my body all at the same time… FEAR, SHOCK, UNCERTAINTY, PAIN, HEART BREAK, SADNESS and GRIEF just to name a few. I remember thinking it’s not going to be a matter of IF I know anyone involved but WHO I would know. I remember asking WHY over and over again….to no one. There was no answer that would make any of these events on this morning any less devasting or any of the memories in the days, weeks, months and years to follow any less traumatic.


Why does it take a tragedy, an attack on our country or a natural disaster for people to truly be thankful? Have we “grown up” so much as a society that we forgot all of the things we were taught as children? To say “please” and “thank you”, treat our elders with respect and to be kind. Thankfully we do pull together when there is a tragedy or disaster, but just think how much more effective and fun it would be if we had those same nurturing, positive instincts all the time. Just think how much good those prayers would do if they were done every single day and not just during a time of crisis. Just think…

As a coach I would encourage everyone to show gratitude each and every day! Not only does it help to maintain a positive mindset, it also grounds you and really makes you think about the things you have to be thankful for. I practice this with all of my clients and challenge groups. In fact, it is the first thing we start with….creating a Gratitude Journal. When we show gratitude for the positive and good things in our life, the Universe rewards us with even more positive and good things to be grateful for. That’s how it works. The Law of Abundance.

As a human I would encourage everyone to show gratitude each and every day! Not just for yourself, but for others. Be thankful for the gentleman that held the door for you at the store. Be thankful for the stranger that paid for your coffee at the drive through this morning. Be thankful for your kid’s teachers and administration that are working hard on your child’s behalf. Be thankful for the men and women who serve our country so you can sleep safer at night. Be thankful for the police officers and fire fighters who are risking their lives every day in this crazy world we live in. Be thankful for your neighbors who help our when needed. Be thankful for the postal worker who delivers the birthday card you receive from your friend who lives across the country. Be thankful for the caregivers who assist in looking after your parents. BE THANKFUL!

I’ve heard people refer to their Gratitude Journals as a chore, complaining that they haven’t “gotten to it” yet. My response is always the same…”Be grateful you are able to write in a Gratitude Journal and that you have things to be grateful for”. We take so much of our lives for granted. Nothing is promised to us, nothing is guaranteed.

When you are remembering the events from September 11, 2001 today remember to be grateful. Remember to be grateful for the many, many heroes from that day. Remember to be grateful for the sacrifice their families have made. Remember to grateful from your heart.


  • Teri

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